Iodine Deficiency - A Serious Health Condition?

Below are some resources for you to investigate. I suggest you watch the videos and read the books I recommend. The information is fascinating and will further help you 'join the dots' between various health issues and further enhance your understanding of what it takes to create exceptional health.

I'd suggest you read these books first:

Iodine: Why You Need It <== click the link


The Iodine Crisis <== click the link

Here is a great audio interview to listen to:

Interview with Dr. Jorge Flechas <== click the link

Finally, once you've read those book and listened to that information - this video will make more sense

For iodine you can start with natural sources from seaweed:

Our best seaweed product: Modifilan <== click the link

Other seaweed products here <== click the link

Iodine supplements here <== click the link