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Living Libations Dew Dab 5ml

Living Libations Dew Dab 5ml

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Product Description


Dew*Dab is the go-to spot treatment for your skin: a potent serum for tiny lines, cuperose, little bumps, scars, discolorations and blemishes. One drop at a time, it may be used undiluted, placed neat (directly) on intended areas, or may also be combined with a squirt of RoseGlow Serum, Seabuckthorn or Rose Best Skin Evers, and/or Soothsayer Serum. Pure, Organic and/or Wild crafted Ingredients: Undiluted Essential Oils of Cape Chamomile, Rose Otto, Cypress, Frankincense, Immortelle and Lavender.

Dew*Dab is a pure, potent essential oil elixir for anointing on the spot. It helps sooth tiny lines, little bumps, and blemishes that somehow appear overnight. Dew*Dab brings balance, and banishes couperose, discolorations, and scars. Use undiluted or as beautiful additive to the Rose Glows and Best Skin Evers. It may also be added to Soothsayer Serum for scars or discolorations. Simply tilt the bottle to release one drop onto your fingertip and apply directly to the treatment spot. A little dab will do!

Pure, Organic and/or Wildcrafted Ingredients:

Cape Chamomile, Eriocephalus punctulatus: The radiant, wild azure-blue of Cape Chamomile’s essence calms minds and adrenals. It exudes a beautiful, fine fruit fragrance that is one of Nadine’s favourite aromas. Cape Chamomile has a high content of nourishing azulene compounds which impart a teal blue hue and potent anti-inflammatory actions, calming irritations. Cape Chamomile promotes skin rejuvenation and deep healing in all skin imbalances.

Rose Otto, Rosa damascena: Rose imparts a botanical poetry that is soothing to the heart and smoothing to the wrinkles. Rose Otto, the most medicinal Rose essence, is used for healing, skin care, and edibles. It is an elegant and precious essence. It takes sixty roses to make one drop of Rose Otto essential oil! Rose Otto is a clear-yellow color and can solidify in colder temperatures due to the content of floral waxes in the oil. One of the most medicinally valued extracts, Rose Otto adds resiliency and elasticity to the skin. It is a vulnerary, meaning that it speeds up the healing of tissues with its potent antiseptic properties. A wonderful overall tonic, Rose Otto is soothing to all skin types and promotes rejuvenation of connective tissues. It is also a tonic astringent that is cooling, regulating, cleaning. The petals impart a botanical nurturer that invites balance and healing in all types of skin conditions. A delicious sweet, soothing, floral fragrance that uplifts and may help with depression, stress and anxiety. Rose Otto essential oil has been celebrated since ancient times for use in spiritual love, sacred unions as a source of joy, beauty, and happiness.

Cypress, Cupressus semperviren: The essence from this evergreen-leaf offers a quiver of precision arrows to tone skin. Our cypress provides structure and clarity to the cells forming skin. The vertical growth of this tree suggests onwards and upwards; helping one attend to the practical matters of daily skin care. Cypress is a tonifying oil that restores calm, enlivens lymph flow, regulates blood flow and strengthens tissues. The oil is astringent and is beneficial to the capillaries, veins, and tissues of the circulatory system.

Frankincense, Boswellia carterii: Our frankincense essence is an eternal offering of crystalline-clarity for all things, including the skin. Frankincense is a resin that drips liquid pearls from the tree of life. It is both astringent and anti-inflammatory; frankincense is traditionally used to treat scar tissue and skin ulcers, and nourishes dry and prematurely aging skin. Frankincense has excellent immuno-stimulant properties that activate blood and lymph flow. This ancient aroma exudes euphoric, meditative qualities to soothe the mind and the nerves.

Immortelle­, Helichrysum italicum: This flower’s everlasting felicity revivifies every filament of your being. Also known as Everlasting or Helichrysum, Immortelle is truly a superior gem for skin care. It has unique properties that promote healing and cell rejuvenation while reducing inflammation. Immortelle protects new skin cells and is a free radical scavenger. It is particularly wonderful for reducing scars. Immortelle is soothing to the skin, clearing keloids and revivifying the skin at a deep cellular level.

Lavender, Lavendula vera officinalis: Lavender is one of the most healing essential oils to use in skin care. It is therapeutic and restorative to the skin in many ways. Lavender is very effective in the treatment of burns. It is also a natural antibiotic and antiseptic. Lavender's anti-inflammatory actions promote healing and prevent scarring. Lavender helps stimulate the cells to regenerate more quickly. It balances oil production, helps even skin tone, and is beneficial for all skin types.



For this rave, I'd like to mention that the Dew Dab has gotten rid of some skin tags in an area that I was treating for hyperpigmentation. This is an awesome bonus!

Life saver!

Amazing! This little wonder is saving my skin! I don't know what I would do without it!


Dew Dab, which has made significant process in reducing the redness and veins on my face has worked miracles for my teen aged grandson's nascent cold sores; he thanks you. It has been a problem for years. All the supplements and medications don't compare to this wonderful product and the ease of use.

Awesome stuff

I swear by Dew Dab.. I want to buy more stuff, I'd buy more if it was just a little less... but I can't do without my Dew...


This oil blend is great. I was a bit overwhelmed by the powerful smell when I first used it but soon got used to it and grew to really like it, very potent but gorgeous. Just a small drop rubbed into my skin daily really brightened up my skin and improved the tone, my skin looked better and better over time, I really love it, it's gentle but very effective.


i have hyper pigmentation on my cheeks and acne and it was totally ruining my life i didnt know what to do i would hate to look in the mirror . i ordered this about 2 weeks ago been using for a week and its magically lifting away the crap off of my face.. im a very beautiful girl and its so hard having acne on a beautiful face i rather be obese . its totally changed my life and i thank godddd for putting nadine on this earth i use the dew dab chocolate karat serum and seabuckthorn only problem i have with it is that i cannot stop using it i wish i could get a big bottle of dewdab but its sooo darn high but totally worth it its miracle in a bottle i wanna cry lol

my 2nd glowng review of dew dab

I am thrilled to report that this has almost obliterated a splotch on my cheek that I had given up hope on ever fixing. I am in love with this product for evening out pigmentation. It works on light and dark areas, fear not, it can fix any pigmentation issues! I am so happy I tried this product as I had tried it all, and I expected I would have to avoid the sun all summer. Instead I can play in the waves and have perfectly even skin! Works perfectly with the ELS with zinc for keeping pigmentation perfect.

Obliterated hyperpigmentation in ONE WEEK

I have really pale skin so every little discoloration shows. I recently developed awful sun spots on my nose as well as embarrassing discoloration on the upper lip area. I tried tons of commercial products and even a laser facial but didn't see any visible results. Within one week of applying Dew Dab morning and night (along with Soothsayer serum, another lifesaver!) I have seen huge improvement in both areas. All I can say is THANK YOU Nadine and Ron!

couldn't live without it

I use this for everything---it heals cuts, fades scars, and evens out pigmentation. What would I do without this product? I mix it with sooth sayer to even out skin tone on my face and it's worked MIRACLES since I started a couple months ago. It has always taken forever for scars or cuts to heal, and now they fade in no time. I feel like I'm giving my skin a gift when I use this.

Amazing for Scars

Thank you for spending some time with me at the Longevity Now Conference and showing me all those oils! I was the one with the scars and was using *Clarins*. I just wanted to tell you that I cannot even believe how much the appearance of my scars has gone down!!! I seriously cannot believe it! Its incredible! Thank you SO much!

Doing Wonders

I just wanted to say that I absolutely love the products and I've never felt so strongly about the quality of another product for my skin! I had some acne scarring and DewDab and Soothsayer are doing wonders!

Totally infatuated

Totally infatuated. Love immortelle!!! obsessed, drenched in potent power and surpasses illuminating beauty in a divine addictive desirability + frankincense lavender and cuperose. mxx

Great stuff!!

I add a drop of this to a plain oil like tanamu, rosehip oil or seabuckthorn seed oil and use it after cleansing. After using it for the first time the next morning my partner said: your skin looks really glowy! I swear even after a couple of days my skin looks younger.

Already a Remarkable Difference in Just one Day

Loving the DewDab, already noticing a remarkable difference, a lot of the redness and inflammation has gone down in just one day....amazing!

Your Stuff is AMAZING!!!

Holy Wow, Nadine, your stuff is AMAZING!!!! I put one dab of DewDab on my chin area, I always tend to get these little pimples there and I felt a bigger one brewing under the skin. My chin is totally cleared up. This morning was the second day of using it and it’s like I have new skin! I rubbed the Immune Illume on me and my husband’s chest, he had bronchitis over Christmas and we both have this lingering cold, last night was the first night we had a solid’s night sleep. I’m just putting one drop of the yogi tooth serum on my tooth brush and my teeth feel so clean. I don’t think I’ll ever buy toothpaste again!

Cleared UP

While on a Quest for the Best Sandalwood, I met Nadine and Ron, at that time I had a lot of acne and given my history of skin rashes and allergies, I had come to accept. It has been two years now and I can still remember my first order of oils, potions, chocolate spells and plant waters. My face has cleared up and I feel like my noble collection of water-filled-cells are singing the libations in praises of roses! Specifically: Rose Glow Creme, DewDab, Rose Tonic and Grapefruit-Schizandra Cellular Renewal!

At last!

This is an amazing product. i am so grateful. I had a big hard bump on my head for 2 years. It was hard, painful and not going anywhere. I needled it everyday, stopped eating fat, gave it Reiki for hours for 2 years. A couple of nights ago, I used a lot of dew dab in a fit of frustration. The next day, it opened up and oozed out and finally after 2 years, it is gone!!! can't believe it and so thankful.

saved my skin

Hello, I wanted to share a story about dew dab so that other people can benefit from it. I was seeing a chinese medicine doctor to help support my kidneys after a near total collapse of energy. After seeing her for 2 years, I was sitting in the bath and felt a very painful eurption at the back of my leg (near my kidney points). I got out of the tub and it was covered with a dark sludgy sand. Gross. At the back of my leg there was a dark open hole. I got very shy about wearing dresses and shorts that summer. Nadine recommended dew dab a few times on a day on the kidney point and within a couple of days the hole started closing up, within a few weeks, it was considerably less visible. by the end of summer, no one could tell that ever anything there. I am so grateful to Nadine and dew dab. It really saved my skin. In appreciation,

dew dab gives peace of mind

Thank you thank you thank you for dew dab. It has saved my face on a number of occasions when pimples came at the absolute wrong time (is there ever a good time for a big red sign post on your face?). Overnight and the blemish is gone. Also excellent on cold sores too. Smells great too. Sometimes, I just wear it as a perfume. Nadine is one of a kind.

thank god for this product

i have never ever seen anything like this. first the smell is heavenly, secondly, this product actually heals pimples, spots, discolorations, imperfections on the skin, works on wrinkles too. How does it work? I am dying to know? Actually, it is not important, I am just happy that it is in my life and skin issues are not an issue anymore.

This stuff is no joke

Nadine, your concoctions are truly magical! I have hormonal pigmentation issues from multiple years on The Pill (yuck, never again) and a bit of sun damage. While I am realistic and do not expect to totally eliminate these issues (hormonal pigmentation is very hard to get rid of), I can tell you that Dew Dab has already lightened and brightened my skin within a few days of use! Also, I had a pretty nasty scratch on my forehead and in one night, it was almost completely healed from applying Dew Dab undiluted to the scratch. By the way, I am also using Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever in conjunction with Dew Dab. I will be purchasing SoothSayer Serum soon to really attack the pigmentation. Keep in mind, as with all LL products, this is very concentrated, one drop is all I use (I overdid it the first night and the aroma was a bit potent for a while....ha!). I apply it undiluted to really defined areas of pigmentation and/or I will just mix one drop with Best Skin Ever and I do this twice a day. Beautiful magical liquid.

So Amazing

I would never be without this; this is my first of Nadine's products that I have tried, and all I can say is, WOW. Within two weeks of using the Dew Dab, my skin is looking just really beautiful--this is so great for little blemishes, uneven tone, fine lines and on and on. My skin looks tight and refined (almost resurfaced, actually), the tone is very even, and this really does seem to be fading an old little scar on my cheek, as well as a bit of cuperose that I have around my nose and on my cheeks--I never thought anything other than a laser treatment would do that; I was not expecting this to work so well. I use a lot of high end, raw and organic products--many of which are very good--but this product is just at another level of excellence entirely, and that's saying a lot. Also, I've noticed that often there is a kind of "honeymoon period" with skin care products; they sometimes offer a dramatic effect at first, then the skin adjusts and while the product may still be very good, the effect becomes less impressive. With Dew Dab, however, my skin keeps getting better and better the longer I use it--each morning I wake up to more and more beautiful skin. I just placed my second order, and I can't wait to try the Best Skin Ever, the perfumes, Underarm Charm and the internal remedies. .. I feel like I've been given a gift; not just one of beauty, but of health and spirit as well (of course true beauty is an expression of health and harmony within the body and soul)--there is some real magic here. Thank you Nadine and Ron for your genius and inspiration.


This amazing product has completely eliminated a type of exzema that I have had around my nose for years. Previous to using Dew Dab I was using prescription creams to no avail. Dew Dab has come to the rescue and went to work quickly and efficiently. Love it. I use it morning and night to keep my skin happy.

The real thing and more!

This is the first of Nadine's products I tried. It had an instant and magical impact on me. As soon as I applied a touch to a facial blemish I was compelled to lie down in my backyard and quickly fell into a reverie - it was like a sedative. It felt ok just to drink in the moment for as long as I wanted. Birds of all local varieties bgan to chirp and sing and fly over me across the yard, sometimes swooping really low! The dog settled down on the grass beside me to relax. I really felt transported to another dimension. Subsequent applications of the dewdab did not have the same measure of impact, however it makes me feel happy and relaxed. I apply more at night and sleep like a baby! It's too soon to tell what the effect on my skin will be (I have couperose) but I have no doubt this product will impact my well being in a subtle but remarkable way. So thank you Nadine for the work that you do. I would love to know if you have a sample program to allow me to try more products, or shall I say potions! I also ordered the rose and eye creams and the gum treatment and find them wonderful as well, I am extremely happy knowing that what I am applying to my skin is free of toxins and prepared with such care.

Life saver!

Amazing! This little wonder is saving my skin! I don't know what I would do without it!

note: always test a tiny portion of any product you purchase first to ensure it is right for you. Example: a dap on your wrist.


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