The Rapid Recovery Mindset And What A Model Does For Great Skin!

The Rapid Recovery Mindset: Andy Hnilo And Dave Asprey Discuss Engineering Resilience

You may not have heard of Andy Hnilo, but what I loved most about this interview is how he used a whole host of exciting foods and supplements to increase the speed of recovery after a near fatal accident. His jaw was wired shut for 9 weeks! Listen to what he used! Deer Placenta, colostrum, raw eggs, raw liver... etc. Mindset is critical, knowledge and application critical and although I've never met him he seems like a really cool chap! note: consume raw eggs and raw liver at your own risk. FYI - I've been eating raw eggs in a smoothie for years, from eggs from a local farm where you can see the chickens running around eating bugs etc.

other interesting subjects - Clay, Super Skin Health (and he radiates health). Watch and learn!



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