Living Libations Ozonated Healthy Happy Gum Gel 10ml

Living Libations Ozonated Healthy Happy Gum Gel 10ml
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Quick Overview

Our new oral care creation brings a fresh potency and depth to delivering tissue rejuvenating and microbe managing to your oral ecology.
Healthy Gum Gel delivers ozone, made of three atoms of oxygen (O3) to the gums. Nascent oxygen and essential oils are naturally antifungal, anti-bacterial, & anti-viral. Ozonated organic: seabuckthorn, jojoba, clove, tea tree, peppermint, rose otto, oregano, cinnamon, and thyme linalool. Use as toothpaste, on floss & massage into gums.

Ozone is made of three atoms of oxygen (O3) and has many applications in oral care, as nascent oxygen is naturally antifungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral. It was the brilliant visionary, Nikola Tesla, an electrical genius with over 300 patents for a wireless light bulb, wireless communication, ionized gases, cold plasma, and ozone generation for oxygen therapy that invented ozone therapy. In 1896, Tesla was issued a patent for an ozone generator. He formed the Tesla Ozone Companyand went into production of these generators. He produced a powerful gel made by bubbling ozone through olive oil until it solidified for use by naturopaths and doctors.

Ozone for Oral Care

Today, biological dental practices use ozone in the form of ozone gas and ozone infused water. Ozonatedgas has many dental uses; among these is the practice of injecting it around the root of a root canalled tooth. Cavities exposed to ozone gas will subsequently harden. In the case of a nerve exposure, ozone water followed by ozone gas will often prevent the nerve from dying. Irrigation of a surgical site with ozone water will speed healing and help remineralize the bone. The gas injected into cavitations sites is part of a protocol to clear up the cavitation. Injection of ozone into the TMJ joint has been found to be anti-inflammatory. Ozonated water is used for ingesting, gargling, and irrigating gum pockets. At home, Ozonated Tooth Serums deliver the combined benefits of ozone with potent botanicals and theseozonated gels may be applied to gums, sensitive teeth, abscesses, gum pockets, sulca, mouth lesions, and cold sores.

Successful Self-Dentistry in 8 Steps
Take a few moments to do these steps morning and night and wake up ready to kiss the day!
Welcome to the Successful Self-Dentistry steps with our new Ozone products. We are happy to offer more options to create the healthiest mouth ever! Each of these products is unique and offers innovative care when used altogether. If you are starting out with just one product, then the potent and versatile Yogi Tooth Serum or Healthy Gum Drops are still the classic choice.
Our new Ozonated oral care products are a great addition to your protocol and are integrated in the steps below. Ozone is especially beneficial for lifting your oral ecology to a new balance and to add variety to your daily care. The Ozonated Healthy Gum Gel can be applied to the gums and left on as your last step in this effective ritual.

Step One: The Salt Rinse
Make a salt water solution to keep in your bathroom (16oz of spring water to 1oz of salt in a mason jar). Add a drop of Yogi Tooth Serum or Healthy Gum Drops. Start with a salt water rinse before brushing. Use a little shot glass, pour in a bit of brine, swish and spit.

Step Two: Scraping the Tongue
Holding ends of tongue scraper, gently scrape the tongue from back to front 2-3 times. Rinse the scraper off each time.

Step Three: Brushing the Gums
Use a dry (ionic) toothbrush; add one drop of Yogi Tooth Serum, or Healthy Gum Drops, or Ozonated Healthy Gum Gel to one tiny drop of Neem Enamelizer on the brush. Brush gum down towards teeth for two minutes. Use special care over the gum line.

Step Four: Polishing the Teeth
Polish with a dry round-headed electric toothbrush. Use a tiny, half of a pea sized amount of Ozonated Clay Tooth-Truth Paste or Tooth-Truth Powder Polish (you may add a drop of serum or Neem Enamelizer to this). Simple baking soda also works for this polishing step.

Step Five: Checking the Gum Lines
Check gum lines for any remaining plaque; use a rubber tip gum tool with a drop of either Yogi Tooth Serum or Healthy Gum Drops or Ozonated Healthy Gum Gel.

Step Six: Flossing
Floss two times! Apply a drop of Yogi Tooth Serum or Healthy Gum Drops along the floss.

Step Seven: Final Rinse
Use salt rinse again – vigorous swish and spit.

Step Eight: Extra Care
For receding gums, bleeding gums or any area that needs extra attention, apply Yogi Tooth Serum, or Healthy Gum Drops. Ozonated Gum Gel is great to use throughout the day and it is also beneficial to apply and leave on your gums as your final step after the mouth is clean


Tooth Underdog Warrior

I call this the Tooth Underdog Warrior because it has not been recognized yet as much as the other popular and amazing gum drops, but I'm here to say it should! This was the first of your dental products I tried. It makes a BEAUTIFUL TRANSITION from conventional toothpastes because of it's thicker consistency than your other gum drops! It was an instant WOW for the taste, at first it was powerful for me but after 5 minutes I went mmm...fresh. My mouth felt like a winter fresh forest blasting with alive and clean air. It's great for an instant breath pick-me-up (mints do NOT stand a chance compared to this baby) for a lovely gum massager (stimulating gums which I had never done before is actually not only very good for them as I discovered in your book, but veerrrry surprisingly soothing and relaxing too!)...and AWESOME toothpaste and floss coater!!!! It adhered really well to floss for in-between teeth cleanings, and as a toothpaste...WOOOW... Teeth became shinier than ever before. They gleamed like a movie stars smile. It was absolutely fascinating to see how all the plaque and old yellow stains of the tooth would virtually MELT away with will see this fun work when you spit into the sink. I loved that! I shared this with my family and they couldn't believe it. Kept smiling their shiny teeth at me after first using and all I could say was I KNOW! This will keep you smiling day in and day out, you really can't help it. Adds to your smile confidence. And more smiling is more know what they say...A smile is contagious! Really started transforming my teeth, gum redness, gum pockets, and stains removal. Your teeth will feel like a dream, and look like a million bucks. In a cute little squeeze bottle and it's fun yellow colour, it will be the sunshine that will wake up your mornings and make you look forward to brushing. It got me from brushing and half-flossing just in the mornings, to doing it with this morning and night, brushing and FULL flossing. This my friends, is BRUSHING WITH PLEASURE. I wish you all a Happy Brushing. :)

Super Clean

My teeth feel super charged and super ozonated- we love, love, LOVE the paste and gel. and your book.


When I ordered this gel and other dental products you have I was really concerned that the taste might be a problem and make the 8 step routine a challenge. Not only was I wrong, I actually really enjoyed going through all the steps. I even liked flossing which was never enjoyable before, because the ozone gel has such a good taste and it feels like all the products are working after just one use. My mouth feels so much cleaner, healthier and better after using your products than with regular toothpaste and floss.

The Comfort Gel

This product is special. Maybe it is the great scientist Nikola Tesla saying 'Hello' to us all through the lovely vibrant ozonated gel ? I feel that my entire mouth - and especially my gums - are being comforted and refreshed by it. I have at this point only used it as gum gel and mouth refresher but I look forward to using it on my teeth (with a brush) also.... If you have any issues with bad breath, you should definitely try out this product. It really works, tastes great and feels great - in a natural and NOT synthetic way. The ozone particles release themselves out into my mouth creating a delightful, airy freshness that I have never felt before. Wow .... just wow.

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