Living Libations Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever 50ml

Living Libations Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever 50ml
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Our best seller! Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever is the foundation creation for radiant skin. This body and face product is “all-in-one” for cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing. Of all the Best Skin Evers, this one and Rose Best Skin Ever are the best choices for the face and can also be used on the body. Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever is the ultimate choice for brilliantly cleansing, moisturizing and toning the skin.
All Pure Organic and/or Wild crafted Ingredients: super-critical Sea buckthorn oil, golden jojoba oil, virgin coconut oil, tamanu oil, lavender, vetiver, grapefruit, and palmarosa essential oils.

Our best seller! Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever is the foundation creation for radiant skin. This body and face product is “all-in-one” for cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing. Of all the Best Skin Evers, this one and Rose Best Skin Ever are the best choices for the face and can also be used on the body. Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever will work beautifully with every skin type - oily, dry, or combination skin to bring harmony and healing. You will love the complete, radiant glow that washing with Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever brings!

All Pure, Organic and/or Wild crafted Ingredients:

Seabuckthorn Berry Oil - This special super-critical extract balances and harmonizes the lipid layers of the skin. It is beneficial for all skin types. Sea buckthorn gets to the root cause of imbalances in the skin by going deep within the lipid layers and healing from the inside out. Seabuckthorn, Hippophae rhamnoides, is extraordinarily rich and vital oil that is perfectly balanced in omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 oils. Our sea buckthorn berry oil is a special extract that is able to capture over 190 bioactive substances in one drop! The oil is also potent in antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties, carotenoids like beta carotene, and phytosterols that reduce redness and help heal mucous membranes. We have been using sea buckthorn in many of our formulas since 1994 and have found that it regenerates cells, protects against cell water loss and is rich in vitamins C, E, and pro-vitamins A and B. Seabuckthorn oil is also rich in lipids, beneficial fatty acids and rare palmitoleic acids. All of these extraordinary plant properties contribute to regenerate and revitalize connective tissue. Also rich in rare palmitoleic oils, our special super critical extract is able to capture over 190 bioactive healing constituents from the edible sea buckthorn berry. This oil is potent in hydrophilic and lipophyllic antioxidants such as carotenoids, ascorbic acid and tocopherols. These carotenoids have been extensively studied for their photo-protective qualities as sunscreens and protectors against intrinsic damage. Super-critical sea buckthorn oil also contains natural anti-inflammatory compounds and phytosterols that reduce redness and help heal mucous membranes.

Golden Jojoba Oil - This oil is naturally rich in lipids and peptides creating a soft, silky, feel that has long lasting conditioning effects on the skin. Jojoba balances the sebum production in all skin types. It contains all forms of the natural antioxidant Vitamin E. In fact, the highest amount of tocopherols and phenolic compounds can be found in this golden oil.

Virgin Coconut Oil - This nourishing oil is non-comedogenic and is easily absorbed in the skin. It helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines, promotes elasticity, and is smoothing and moisturizing. This delightful oil protects from the aging effects of free radicals.

Tamanu Oil - A beautiful, exotic berry oil that is deeply healing to the skin. It has a nutty, earthy, fragrance. It has great absorption in the skin and is very high in nourishing lipids (92% lipids).

Lavender, Lavendula vera officinalis, is one of the most healing essential oils to use in skin care. It is therapeutic and restorative to the skin in many ways. Lavender is very effective in the treatment of burns. It is also a natural antibiotic and antiseptic. Lavender's anti-inflammatory actions promote healing and prevent scarring. Lavender helps stimulate the cells to regenerate more quickly. It balances oil production, helps even skin tone, and is beneficial for all skin types.

Vetiver, Vetivera zizanodes essential oil, is a rooted, earthy and grounding essence with a deep, mysterious fragrance. Vetiver oil is distilled from the root of a tropical grass and has a calming effect on the skin. Moisturizes and plumps the skin. This deep earthy aroma provides the perfect balance with the light aerial notes of Rose Otto.

Grapefruit, Citrus paradisii essential oil, a cheery oil that is uplifting and euphoric. Giddy grapefruit is a wonderful skin tonic that tightens and tones. It is also refreshing to the skin, prevents blemishes and helps promote lymphatic flow.

Palmarosa, Cymbopogon martini essential oil, is a fragrant fruity grass that is distilled for its many tonifying phytochemicals. It is rejuvenating to the skin and promotes healthy skin cells. Palmarosa helps in balancing sebum production for all skin types.

The Best Skin Evers are all-in-one blends created with super-critically extracted organic seabuckthorn berries and infusions of fragrant and nourishing plant botanicals. The regenerative Best Skin Evers will lavish, renew and bedew the body.

Washing the face with pure pressed plant oils is an ancient gypsy style way to cleanse and gently exfoliate the skin. The eabuckthorn oil nourishes and balances all skin types. Nadine designed the Best Skin Evers to be your finest bathing attendant - all in one bottle. These oils, plus water and cloth, are the simple essentials to cleanse, exfoliate, moisten and bedew.

Directions for using Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever to Wash the Face:

1. Wet a small portion of a face cloth with water. Squeeze it out.
2. Apply one to two squirts of Best Skin Ever Sea buckthorn or Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn to the dampened portion of the face cloth
3. Gently massage the face, neck and back of the neck with the moistened cloth. Wash gently or vigorously, depending on if you would like an exfoliating effect.
4. Rinse cloth. Rinsing face is optional.
5. Moisturize with any of these options:

A. Add another squirt or two of Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn to your fingertips and massage into the face to moisturize.
B. Apply one to two squirts of Rose Glow Serum or:
C. Add a squirt or two of Rose Glow Serum to a dab of Rose Glow Creme on your fingertips and massage your face and neck... It's wonderful to add a drop or two of any of the Serums to a dab of any of the Creams. They all blend beautifully together. For example: Soothsayer Serum with All Seeing Eye Cream.

Directions for Using Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever on the body after a Bath or Shower:

1. Just after a bath or shower, leave the body wet.
2. Wet a washcloth with water. Squeeze it out.
3. Apply a few squirts onto the wet washcloth of any of the Best Skin Evers - Seabuckthorn, Chocolate, Rose, Vanilla, or Lavish Abundance.
4. Massage the entire body - head to toe - with the cloth. Use a more vigorous approach for more exfoliation or for problem areas.



My skin is very happy when I use this. I have tried a plethora of different face washing products, by far this is the best nourishing face cleanser. And to add to this wonderful product, the shipping/customer service is punctual and proffesional. I live in California and I consistently get products shipped to me within a week, even though it says on the cheapest shipping option " 2 to 3 weeks". Thank you LL !

Completely adore all the skin products!

I am sending this message just to simply say how much I completely adore Nadine's products! I have placed several orders (wish money wasn't an option because I would buy 1 of every single product!) and cannot believe the total transformation of my skin, teeth, and hair. I have spent hundreds of dollars on drugstore products, infomercial products that promised amazing anti-aging results, and very expensive name-brand serums, elixirs, and creams. My face didn't change with any of it, but completely changed with just a handful of Nadine's products. I am a 38 year old female and after throwing away all the "miracle" products filled with chemicals and toxins and adopting Nadine's 100% pure products as the only thing that touches my skin, teeth, and hair, I have noticed a HUGE change in all 3. For my skin, my age spots diminished, my face is literally dewy and glowing, fine lines have reduced, and I look about 10 years younger after just 4 months of using her products! I am constantly getting compliments on how great my skin looks and sometimes I'll catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror and be pleasantly shocked how lovely my skin has become. Before it was dry and splotchy and I was looking very aged, even with a religious skin care regime (masks, serums, you name it!). I cannot thank Nadine enough for her brilliant products and I wouldn't even consider putting anything on my skin other than what she creates. Her products are the only thing I put on my children as well. I had issues with bleeding gums and that stopped after only a couple days of using her tooth serums (and throwing away the tube of Crest). I have watched every single YouTube video Nadine has, including her Longevity Now presentations. It's incredible how much she has transformed not only my skin, but my thinking. She has opened my eyes, educated my mind, and inspired me to spread the truth to my loved ones about these toxic products we are putting in and on our bodies. My mother was a devout sunscreen wearer and she now only uses "Everybody Loves the Sun". I cannot thank you enough for your products and your are a true blessing and you have quite literally changed my life and my health! It's so crazy to think of all the toxic chemicals I was mindlessly slathering all over my skin and putting in my mouth and wondering why I wasn't seeing results. So again...thank you, thank you, and THANK YOU! You have an adoring customer for life!!!

Amazing Results within a week

I just started using this product a week ago and have seen such an amazing turn in my skin! Before I used expensive wash, toner, moisturizer, eye cream, spot treatment, etc. This does everything in one bottle:) My skin is no longer dry after I wash. Instead I hate to even put my makeup on in the morning bc my face feels so good and nourished. I truly have tried EVERYTHING organic and not. Nothing compares to the results I have seen in such a short amount of time. Not to mention the smell is great:)


Your Best Skin Ever is Divine! Thank-you


I could only wait an hour after receiving my package to try this. It smells so wonderful and very easy to use. My skin felt great after. I am a consultant for certain Beauti company and I think that this is the beginning of the end for the long, time consuming face product lines. Thank you so much. I feel like a million bucks.

The Divine Nectars of Living Libations

Living Libations saved my skin and transformed my life. It’s as simple as that. When I first got my shipment, I loved that everything was made from natural eco-friendly fabrics and that the serums were stored in glass bottles. I had ordered Seabuckthorn Best SkinEverSerum and their DewDab Serum. Their Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever Serum literally transformed and changed my life. I feel like singing it from the tops of the mountains. I use one pump of the essential oil serum in morning and one pump at night. I first place the oil on myface,then I use my bamboo wash cloth with warm water to gently wipe away any make-up or dirt. Then, I use one pump all over my face and leave it on. It even worked to clear up my back acne that my hormones had caused!!! This product was the ONLY thing that cured my skin. It is my miracle product. I use the DewDab Serum along side the Seabuckthorn and only use it when I have a bad break out around my time of the month. The Best Skin Ever serum has also helped with sunburns and to moisturize/balance my skin. I feel like I have a radiant glow and it smells delicious and natural. While I know looks aren’t everything, when you have clear skin, you sure do feel more confident and beautiful. I am forever grateful to Living Libations for giving me a natural, healthy, pure way to treat my precious skin. Our skin is so important, why not feed it, heal it, treat it with the best? A few of my favorites by Living Libations are, of course, the Seabuckthorn and DewDab serums, their clay toothpaste with healing essential oils, the all natural shampoo and conditioner and the Underarm Charm Lavender Poetic Pits!

Magic in a Bottle

I love this. From the gorgeous scent to the silky soft happy skin it leaves behind...I have never experienced anything like it. Just sent order number two and will continue to order until I've tried every one of these divine creations. It really is magic in a bottle.

Love it!

I have been using the Seabuckthorn oil since the end of February and I love it! I use it twice a day. Sometimes I use it with the soothsayer serum and dew dab. I bought the big bottle and still have at least half left. My 13 year old daughter also uses mine sometimes! I feel like my skin is clearer and feels smooth. I had flaky dry patches on my eyelids which are completely gone! (I waited to write this review to see if they would go away). It feels really good to not use chemicals on my face. I am definitely a happy (and hooked) customer! Thanks for making such a great product that I feel good about using!

Amazing product

I have acne prone skin and VERY sensitive skin. At first I was apprehensive to put oil on it at all. I knew, however, that I didn't want to put chemicals on it anymore. I tried everything to balance my skin, from the most expensive to not putting anything on it. My skin always broke out, felt dry, oily, unbalanced etc. It has been a source of anxiety for me for a few years now. WHen I got this product the smell overwhelmed me and I felt like my skin rejected it by being too oily. I kept with it though for some reason. A month into using it, my skin drinks this oil up beautifully and my skin is balanced all day. My skin is A LOT less red and Im not breaking out in cystic acne like I used to at all. Even during my period this past month! Im so impressed by her products. I also bought the dew dab (still getting used to the smell ) and the zippity dew dab. I love these as compliments to the best skin ever. Thank you Nadine seriously for creating such a high quality product. I feel my search is over.


It took a lot of time and a lot of convincing to get me to try this product. I've battled teenage acne that lead straight into adult acne with no break in between. I have tried many products that damaged my skin and dried me out, rather than healing my skin. And yet I had it drilled into me that it was best to dry my skin and that oil was an enemy. Well, nothing could have been further from the truth! It took about a month for me to start seeing results. The one thing that kept me going was that my acne in the mean time didn't get any worse. My face has never felt greasy like it has for over 15 years now. It's as if the problem oils my skin made were replaced by these healing oils. Because of this, I'm guessing my skin doesn't feel the need to produce massive amounts of oil like it did when I was drying my skin out. What can I say? "Thank you" just doesn't seem enough.

Awesome - great for expectant moms

I was already enjoying the Seabuckthorn BSE, using it on my face daily as a wash. Since becoming pregnant a few months ago, I've diligently been applying the lotion on my stomach. No. Stretch. Marks!!!!!!! None! And I'm loving that. We're past 7 months, stomach looks tight, even though I've gained easily almost 30 lbs. or more. For fun, I tried shea butter on my stomach - but found that my stomach would itch after a few hours of the application. My stomach was sometimes still itchy after the Seabuckthorn BSE was applied, but I'd say this only happened 2-3x at most. Maybe because my stomach *has* to stretch and feel at least a bit itchy. Overall, a good product. I've poured small amounts into bottles for fellow expectant moms to try. :)


I've never felt my skin so soft and supple.. I didn't quite like the smell at first (it was just too potent!.. I think..) but now.. I look forward to using it and inhaling all that it has to offer.. It's great..!! I know my skin tone has even out a little more too .. Thank you!

The Ultimate Face

I just ordered this because I have sensitive skin and I've been looking for something natural to wash and moisturize my skin without having it breakout or be extremely dry. This is the perfect product for it!! I have used it for the last week or 2 and my skin is incredibly perfect. I have never found anything like this that has continued to work day after day.

just divine

I look forward to cleaning my face every night and morning. My skin has never looked so clean and clear. Never will I ever wash my face with soap and water again. Oil cleansing is the only way. And it smell SO wonderful. The name says it all- Best Skin Ever. And people have noticed. It stays clear even through the once a month hormonal shift. Thanks Nadine!

Just amazing..

All I can say is I can not believe it has taken me this long to find this wonderful product. My skin is just heavenly now.. Thank you again for bring this to the market.. Kind hugs xoxox

Love love love!

Well I've been using this product for about 2 weeks now, and I just love what it's doing for my skin--my face AND my body. It's healing acne that I've been struggling with since going off birth control, and it just makes me feel so good! I know I'm putting on a product that's as natural as possible, my skin knows the difference...and the smell makes my whole body smile. This is one I'm going to keep using as long as I can. Thank you!

I can't do without this!

I have been using the Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever for just over a month now and my skin has been transformed! I can't say enough about how much I LOVE this product. This, along with the Zippity Dew Dab and Rose Glow Serum, has completely changed my skin. No more oily patches, no more dry spots, and NO more cystic pimples!!! I never had acne problems as a teen and just developed this in my 30's. These products have been an absolute life saver. And the best part is no icky chemicals on my face! Only pure, loving goodness.


I absolutely love this product. It is so versatile from washing, moisturizing and shaving. Great all in one product for traveling. My skin as never felt or looked so good and I no longer have those embarrassing breakouts I used to get. Keep up the good work!


My facial skin is loving this product. I've tried the Oil Cleansing Method before but had trouble with cystic breakouts with it. Using Nadine's washcloth technique is giving me much better results. My skin tends to be very cranky (I have rosacea), but it's doing so well with the Seabuckthorn blend, followed by a bit of the Rose Cream and a drop or two of the Chocolate Karat serum for daily moisturizing.

First encounter Delight

I received the bottle yesterday and from the first instance these substances touched my skin I can actually SENSE all the refreshing & vitalizing goodness that is happening in my face, neck and around the eyes - can't wait to see the deeper effect with time!

First encounter Delight part 2

A month later I can testify that my skin hasn't been this soft & sweet since I was a Baby! & my man keeps caressing me more & more, the softer I get ;)

Everything in One Bottle

I can't believe the difference in my skin within just a few days! Nothing else had worked on some acne around my chin. Plus, it really does do it all. One product! I just love that!

Wonderful All In One Product

This is one of those products that I would take if deserted on an island. It truly does it all. I know some may be skeptical about cleansing with an oil but it really works! It removes dirt, oil, make up etc MUCH better than traditional facial cleansers. But here's the beauty of this product...after you cleanse, you may not even need anymore moisturizer. If you do, you can use the same product to moisturize. It's also very concentrated so you don' use much. Within 2 days of using Seabuckthorn BSE, my face is really glowy and brighter and it has reduced the redness in my skin (along with Dew Dab) LOVE IT!

Wonderful All-in-one Skin product

I purchased the Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever a few weeks ago & haven't been able to stop using it! Using a warm, wet Hemp Cloth (also purchased on Living Libations), I squirt a couple of Seabuckthorn drops and circle it gently all over my face and neck. Washing my face has never been such a pleasure! I use it day and night and although I could also use it as a toner and/or moisturizer (which is great if I'm running low on those products), I am happy to simply use it as my cleanser. My skin is clear, refreshed, glowy - what a wonderful nourishing product! Thank you!

SkinCare for You & the Earth

I've recently fallen in love with an amazingly natural & vibrant skin care product: Living Libations by Ron & Nadine, a super star couple living & creating their fine products in Canada. When I was teaching at Raw Spirit in Sedona, AZ. last month I was excited to find high quality products for face, lips & even pits at the Living Libations vendor booth (after literally strolling the entire grounds looking for the best stuff). My favorites: Poetic Pits (yes, for your arm pits!), Lover Lips, & my big fav: Seabuckthorn - Best Skin Ever face toner/moisturizer. All of their products are hand-crafted, using the finest ingredients nature has to offer & made under the lush canopy of forests. You can totally feel the difference - it's not just the label that will make your eyes smile, your skin will shine immediately. Details: Living Libations All natural, high vibe Beauty Care & Oils More Info: Please order online or call at (416) 920-8471 and sign up for their Newsletter for updates!

totally agree

i totally agree with the other reviewer of the best skin ever. Ron and Nadine are picture perfect living in harmony with nature and with love. Everything they do it pure magic. The best skin ever will deliver on the promise of beautiful skin. Trust.

Love the Simplicity

Your video on Youtube is great - love the simplicity; I've been aware of washing with oil for years, but have never had it demoed before - what a difference that makes! Thanks again :-) Blessings, Heather

A Miracle for Acne

I would like to let you know that your products are awesome. I have had serious acne all year and I was getting to the point of just going crazy because it seemed I tried everything. I was really depressed over my skin. I love the Best Skin Ever product because it was extremely helpful in clearing out 98% of my blemishes in 2 days (I had never washed my face with oil before) and I did not use any acne medication during this time. To me that was a miracle. Thank-you for letting me know about the Zippity DewDab for acne. I will try that on my next order.

Cleared Acne

I received the package about 3 days ago and would like to let you know that your products are awesome. I have had serious acne all year and I was getting to the point of just going crazy because it seemed I tried everything. I was really depressed over my skin. I loved the BestSkinEver product because it was extremely helpful in clearing out 98% of my blemishes in 2 days (I had never washed my face with oil before) and I did not use any acne medication during this time. To me that was a miracle.

One Magic Bottle, Twelve Applications!

For me, this product is really the base of Nadine's Skin Care Line. It embodies everything that Living Libations magically offers. Not only is it the softest most sumptuous thing you have ever felt, formulated with consciousness and love, it smells divine and can be used in multiple ways. Wash your face, moisturize your face, remove your eye make up, soften your bath, wash your body, massage your lucky love, moisturize your body, winter hair treatment, summer hair treatment, after sun, before sun. A must have for any kind of travel. And like all of these products, it actually makes your home feel cleaner, brighter and more alive! I love walking into my bathroom and seeing all of the beautiful potions sparkling and singing. Definitely one of my desert island picks! Oh, and the name really does say it all. Best. Skin. EVER!!

Love it!!!!

I purchased the “Best Ever Skin” serum and love it!!!!

Cleared up my skin for the first time ever!

The suggestion of using the Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever used as a cleanser - I used from my sister, cleared up my skin for the first time ever! Thank-you for the purity!

magic in a bottle

I'll be honest -- I'm not one of those girls who wakes up beautiful and can run out the door to start the day. If I'm seeing people, I wear makeup ... and when I perform, I wear stage makeup. With waterproof mascara. All of that, lots of travel and transitioning to a raw vegan lifestyle (detox!) has not been terribly kind to my skin ... and then I found this bottle of magic. I was very skeptical, but one night I used it (and the oil cleansing method) to remove stage makeup (including waterproof). A few pumps, a thorough facial massage, and three steaming washcloths later gave me simply beautiful results in about five minutes. Clear, smooth, glowing skin without the usual post-wash redness. I used a pump of ChocolateKarat Serum afterwards (just because I had it) and I couldn't believe it was my face -- I literally glowed. That was three days ago. Since then I've used it as a facial cleanser twice a day, and a indulgent body moisturizer. With my regular coconut body oil the dryness on my legs returns, but not with the Best Skin Ever. My skin stayed smooth and moisturized. I'm not sure which product it is -- the Best Skin Ever or the ChocolateKarat Serum -- but my skin tone has visibly evened out. The dry patches on my forehead are almost completely gone, and NOTHING has helped before now. The scent is simply perfect. It just makes me happy and peaceful. Thank you for sharing such wondrous products!

My skin has never felt so soft!

I love the Seabuckthorn perfect skin. My skin has never felt so soft, it's so nice to be able to put something close to the eyes without any adverse reactions.

Swept Away!!!

I was so skeptical about washing my face with oil, because I have acne prone skin. I have tried absolutely everything, went to the top dermatologists, nutritionists- all organic vegan /raw macrobiotics , and could never get rid of it. Finally no more suffering everything in one bottle no toner needed, it doesn't strip your skin of moisture, and I don't ever have to buy makeup remover again bc it removes heaps of makeup. No more facials required. Swept away its magick. :)) mxx

outstanding on teenage skin

After lots of rounds with doctors, dermatologists, health food store products, etc. we have found this product is doing wonders on our teenage son's skin.

Love it

This is great for my acne prone but also aging skin! My only problem with these products is that I can't stop putting them on all day long and go through them like water!!! They smell so magical and leave my skin so soft and glowy. The lavish abundance version is also intoxicating.


Wow! I was still in awe of Best Skin Ever I've got ChocolateKarat which I put on overnight, and I wake up with the most beautiful glowy, plump skin. AND, Digest the Best has done wonders basically overnight. You are truly amazing - thank you so very much!

Good Stuff!

I bought some seabuckthorn best skin ever for myself for my birthday and I'm so happy I did! This stuff is awesome and I will never use anything on face but this again. It is amazing ;-)

Beautiful Product

Seabuckthorn is a truly wonderful cleanser and moisturizer. I've only been using it a few days and my pores have virtually disappeared. Before I went natural, I was a bit of a skincare junkie, trying every very expensive, high- end brand out there and never finding anything that I could rave about. Well, the search is finally over! While a lot of organic cleansers are fine and certainly better than the toxic department store labels, none of them even come close to Nadine's Seabuckthorn! Thanks!!!

Love this!

I love this stuff. I've spend hundreds on different kinds of skin care products searching for the perfect one. This is really great! I love the simplicity of it. Washes and moisturizes. Two in one! I like the wet, glow it gives my skin. it is very gentle and nice on your skin. My skin likes it too:) The smell is light and nice.

Exquisite product

I have tried many skincare products over the years - I am a woman of 46 years old - and I can honestly say that this product accomplishes what it claims to do - and more. I had never cleansed with an essential oil-based product before. Upon using this delightful "cleanser" and following Nadine's instructions my skin feels clean and moisturizes simultaneously. I has sent an email explaining that although I would love to try many of the products described, being on a budget limited my choices. I was told that this one product would do it all for me - and it has! exceeded the claims by minimizing the appearance of discolouration in my cheeks. I recommend it highly - even to those "frugal" folks like me!!!

My skin is happier now...

I'm currently using your face products and Best Skin Ever and loving them. My skin is so much happier now that I'm not using harsh soaps on it :)

It's Skintastic

What more can I say... it's SKINTASTIC!!!

Wow! Immediate DIfference

My skin was the worst it has ever been this year. Starting at 12 years of age, til now 34, I have had problem skin. My skin was scaling, peeling and oily all at the same time, and the breakouts were worse than ever and not just monthly, but constantly and getting worse. I was so excited when my bottle of Best Skin Ever came husband was with me in the bathroom, this was a big deal. I used it for the first time and immediately looked into the mirror and at him and we both went, Whoa! WOW! It was immediate! I am a little over 1/2 way through my bottle (time to order, don't want to run out) and my skin is absolutely beautiful! I went for my birthday facial at a well known spa here in town and afterwards she said "well, your skin felt really good, no flaking, nothing underneath trying to come out and your elasticity is great! i give you an A today!" She couldn't even try to sell me anything! I am so grateful! Thank you!


I have to say that Nadine's beautiful creations definitely live up to all of the praise they receive. I really did immediately feel the difference in my skin when I used the BSE-Seabuckthorn (and ChocolateKarat Serum) for the first time. It has been less than a week and my skin looks and feel amazing! Tone improvement, zit scars fading significantly (I remember Nadine mentioning that the immortelle in ChocolateKarat Serum is great for scarring). The love and spirit and sheer beauty that's gone into making these products really does light up my day and routine. Thank you so much, I look forward to trying more of your beautiful products Nadine!! :)

Addicted to the Best Skin Ever!

I started using your products last month, and I've used lots of different oils and hand-made natural products, and these are like nothing else. I'm addicted to the Best Skin Ever! I'm sure you must hear this constantly

Nothing short of Amazing!!!

I am a high-dose chemo patient. My skin has become very dry and flaky on the surface with red blotchy areas. I recently developed a allergy to my former skincare line which left an itchy rash. After using seabuckthorn and the rose cream twice the itch is completely gone along with the redness!!!! The smell is heavenly !!! I can't wait to try other products!

Hallelujah! It's truly a gift and worth every penny!

This little bottle of magic is truly a gift from the gods. It's the solution to all of your facial product woes. Just in my short life of 23 years, I have spent countless dollars on silly products that are to be blunt---an angering waste of money among other things. The expensive 'natural' ones are usually mostly water and often are only 70% organic (yet can still be certified) leaving lots of room for them to sneak in nasty little tid-bits. Most toners are alcohol-based, which strip the face of all of it's moisture that you then try to put back on with a less-than-satisfying moisturizer. But those days are over. So far I have tried the Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever and their Healthy Gumdrops (a great alternative to toothpaste). I absolutely love them both. It's incredible how my face has transformed by following Nadine's suggested technique of using a wet cloth to apply the serum. My skin feels soft, supple and radiant with NO blemishes all while smelling naturally amazing. Hallelujah! It's truly a gift and worth every penny! A cleanser, toner and moisturizer all in one bottle Natural Health Foodie


This is amazing. My skin feels so fresh and plump after using this beautifully fragranced skin oil. What is so wonderful about this is that my blotchy cheeks are clearing up! I don't even want or really need to wear makeup. This is great at 38!

my ideal product

If you had to give someone the perfect beauty product, this is it! I have given this to my mom, my aunt, my best friend, my boyfriend, and everyone loves it. I use this for everything---facial cleanser, body moisturizer, face moisturizer, healing scars, and the list goes on. When I first saw the beautiful glowing Nadine talk about this product (she is so beautiful, talk about embodying the products!), I thought I would give it a try. After a week of using it, I became the biggest fan of Living Libations and never looked back. This is a product that works for so many different skin types and balances and heals the skin. What more could I ask for? I love using it with the hemp cloths as it then helps exfoliate. I would never be without this product or any of my Living Libations products.


As for the products, I adore them. The smell of the Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn and the Grapefruit Cellular Renewal is incredible, and refreshing. The way my skin is reacting to them is even better. I have oily skin that can get too dry very easily, especially with traditional blemish control washes (and I have always tended towards a plethora of blemishes). These two things together feel great, help my skin be less itchy, less red, and my acne is healing. I’ve had to experiment to find the just right balance (wash with BSES morning and night, use a drop of BSES and GCR at night after washing) to make my skin happiest, it’s totally worth it. I will definitely be ordering more from you lovelies at Living Libations. The love and care that you can also feel in the product is truly special. Thank you for everything so far!

Skin Salvation!

My face has NEVER (in over 10 years) looked so good! I SEVERELY struggle with acne/ skin sensitvities and have for well over 10 years. I just use a little tiny bit of Seabuckthorn oil with water at night...then follow with a Norwex (Body) Cloth (this cloth rock! It self-sanitizes with a natural silver within the cloth). Then, in the morning I just splash my face with water, wipe with my cloth and I'm done. This oil and cloth combination works WONDERS for my skin. I've never... ever...ever had anyone comment on how great my face complexion was until I started using your oil. I'm in awe in the mirror...I'm still in shock even now....THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU (P.S. I also use this oil for my toddler's body wash; she has constant flairs of eczema).

Thank you!

I have had varying degrees of problems with Acne for about 6 years now (started when i was 21) and between the scars and the persistent breakouts, my skin is a mess to say the least. I have tried everything and nothing has worked. I started using your products about a month ago, 1-2 squirts with some tea tree face wash and one squirt as a moisturizer with the zippity dew dab. My skin has not felt or looked this good in years and its only improving. I was getting a hair treatment with a woman who i had never been to and as she was washing my hair she said that i had amazing skin and asked me what i use. NO ONE has ever told me this in my life. I laughed a little and told her that i was shocked at her comment because i have moderate scarring and problematic skin (note that i was also wearing makeup) but that your product had really made the difference. I don't expect miracles, just a little relief so i can stand to look in the mirror, but these products have surpassed my expectations. I can't thank Living Libations enough.

best skin ever!!

I cannot go a day without using this lotion at least once. Amazing. It is perfectly balanced and light. You don't need much. Great for the face, neck, and even a little in the hair. It is invigorating and I am in love with this product!!

Clear Skin!

I've tried many different facial cleansers and high end brands that didn't work but this one is so easy and it works. It's also great when traveling because I only take this one item and it is a cleanser and a moisturizer all in one. And my skin used to be red around the nose and a little dry and uneven and now I can say that my skin is dewy and clear and feels great. It is perfect for summer and winter. Thanks Nadine!

I'm in love

I have been using this stuff for nearly a year and I can't get enough! Seriously, if I could fit into my bottle I'd probably live there! Thanks Nadine!

First encounter Delight

I received the bottle yesterday and from the first instance these substances touched my skin I can actually SENSE all the refreshing & vitalizing goodness that is happening in my face, neck and around the eyes - can't wait to see the deeper effect with time!


I battle with dry skin and acne and this product has helped balance my skin a lot. I love how it feels and smells. The most important thing is that my skin is healing and not getting worse

Nothing else like it it!

I thank God that I found Nadine's site and this product! I have scarring from a bad breakout in college and combo skin and still get breakouts at 30. I have tried most every "natural" and non-natural face product out there...neutrogena, Clinique, Cetaphil, Johnson and Johnsons, Burt's Bees, Juice Organics, and even Dr. Hauschka. None of those has ever made my skin feel or look like it does now! Nadine's products have been life changing, literally. I no longer wear makeup every day. My face felt different the first time I used this and just keeps getting better. My complexion just looks amazing, I actually love my face with no makeup.....and I could never say that before now. You will not regret buying this product. I am very glad that I bought the big bottle! I use a pump of this for cleanser and then mix a pump more of this, one pump of soothsayer serum, and a drop of dewdab in my palm and apply it to my face, neck, and decolletage. I hope Nadine never stops making these amazing products!

My acne is gone. I am stunned.

I have suffered with adult acne for the past 10 years. I couldn't figure it out because I felt like I was doing everything right and my skin was still very dry. I saw your video through Gabrielle Brick's page a couple months ago. I decided I would wash my face with an oil just as you had shared. My acne is gone. I'm stunned. This is the clearest my skin has been since my early thirties. I can't tell you how many prescriptions and "beauty regimes" I've used. Thank you :) I look forward to my order from your site! Blessings, Kristie

Better than I could have wished for.

This product really lives up to the reviews. I am amazed at how the oil cleans and moisturizes my face--my skin is already starting to glow after one week of use. Because of this product, I have cleaned out my entire beauty cabinet and I am converting over to essential oils and all natural products without additives. I'm so grateful to Nadine for her beautiful product line. Also love the healthy gum drops and lavish abundance pure-fume. I will soon be ordering the truth tooth paste, dew dab and poetic pits. Thank you!!

The oils are magical!!!

Oh I just absolutely had to write! The oils are magical!!! I just love them! Seriously after 1..ONE application, my skin lite up! The scent is just incredible. I used the oils for the first time in the evening and when I went back in the bathroom the next morning ...oh how delicious the lingering scent was. I was soo excited to use the oils again and again. They are absolutely fabulous, healing, they are a gift to my skin. WOW.. I actually was getting a blemish right between my eyes...havent had one there in YEARS and I zippy doo dabbed it ahhh so tiny the next morning and gone the next. I already see a brightness and oh my goodness I truly believe this will lighten my melasma.. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Magical Elixir

I have been waiting...too long it seems to try the Living Libations products. After overhearing a customer raving about this product at the Raw Food Festival last weekend I decided to give it a try. Her skin was a great testimonial. This product is incredible..I have used a lot of products but this one is astounding with only a couple of drops - i am glowing. The scent is lovely and it is even working on my 50 year old arms...the aging skin that is. Thank you Nadine...I can't wait to try more products!

Absolutely essential for great skin

Just like Angela stated in her review, I also suffered from acne. I had acne that started when I was 14 years old and has continued into my late twenties. I thought my skin would "grow out" of the acne, but it continued into adulthood. It was a great source of embarassment and depression. I have literally tried every product you could name, from the least expensive to the most in search of a cure. I've also tried eliminating foods and changed my diet. Nothing kept my skin clear. NOTHING!! Until ... Best Skin Ever - Seabuckthorn !!! When I first started using it, my acne did not not improve, but did not worsen. It also felt a little more oily. I decided that I should continue using it because I had tried so many things in the past. I also remember what a skin specialist told me at Clinique, that your skin needs 3 weeks to determine if a product is actually working or not. So I stuck it out, and by the 3rd week, my skin started to not only not add blemishes, but to decrease the ones I already had. After 6 weeks, I can confidently say that I do not have any blemishes and my skin feels smooth and glowing. I never thought I would get to the point again where I had clear skin. My confidence is back and I feel beautiful again. Nadine and her product has given me my beauty back, and that is something that I will cherish!! Please continue to make this product and all of your natural skin care line products, you are a genius and a life changer. I don't think you realize how much a simple product can change a person's life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Love as Cleanser

I love the cleanser - i have t-zone skin with some dry spots on my cheeks and this cleanser evens out my skin so there is no oily or dry patches on my face. I feel refreshed when i wipe my face with it. Also I have applied to my skin after taking a shower and the skin absorbs it and it's long lasting - finally i found something to help with my dry skin on my legs! Thanks

Heavenly Healing Nectar

Well, without focussing on how many product ranges I tried, or why they were not The Best Things Ever, I simply must conclude that I added a Seabuckthorn BSE to my Mother's RFW order which arrived last week. Having this Divinely channelled bottle of Heavenly healing nectar has just changed my life. My skin had visibly 'changed' (a more positive way of saying seemingly deteriorated!) & was in desperate need of your products once again. Perhaps I had become complacent/overly confident that my amazing skin was because of my diet & lifestyle & the products were simply the cherry on top of the (raw, organic, cacao) cake. I was mistaken. Living Libations products are the cornerstone! I could cry with Gratitude. In fact I do have tears of Joy as I type this to you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. May you & your beautiful family be Blessed infinitely for the offering you are putting out into the world. You are an Earth Angel & Alchemist, Nadine. Thank you for the impact your products are making in my life & the world at large! I shall delight in using the Seabuckthorn BSE to cleanse & moisturise until I can once again add in the treasure trove of goodness that is the whole range of Living Libations wonders.

Love it!

I love this product! I tried applying it the way Nadine showed in the video but I felt like I was using a lot of oil on the cloth but I wasn't getting enough on my face. I have devised my own method that works better for me and I thought I'd share it. I just wet my hands and squirt a drop or 2 in my palm. I gently rub my hands together and then apply the oil like I was washing with my hands and soap. After, I use a damp wash cloth and gently exfoliate. I bought the larger bottle and have been using it for over 6 months and have just used half the bottle. A very economical purchase and the product is excellent. My skin never feels greasy and I love the smell! Can't wait to try the Rose version. Thanks Nadine!

My skin looks and feels the BEST Ever!

Nadine, you really, REALLY are my Shero! I just received my first bottle of " The Best Skin Ever - Seabuckthorn" along with an Aum My Goddess hemp washcloth and my face looks and feels the BEST EVER!!! Seriously, there's no other way to say it. This has been one of the most luxurious self love experiences of my life. The skin on my face look, smells and feels more radiant then on the first day I breathed air on this planet. It's more vibrant then when I spend a month in the hotsprings at Eden. It's as if faeries, honey bees, unicorns and baby kitty angels have kissed me all over my face and left diamond dew drops of aromatic beauty on each perfectly placed freckle! I'm in AWE. Thank u, thank u, thank u. This is a moment of eternal gratitude, an AHA moment of realizing and seeing what I've always known was here, alchemy has taken on a whole new level of self love and deep beauty today. Bows of gratitude.

Best Skin Products Ever !

Amazing product ! It cleanses and moisturize :) skin feels smooth... I use along with rose glow serum, It smells divine. I've found the best skin products ever and am so grateful for Nadine's Creation. Can't wait to buy more products, My Living Libation Life.. Love it ! Thanks Nadine !

I took a risk and I am over the moon!

I love beauty products. I won't lie. I've tried many expensive skin care lines that claim to be natural, but when I look at the label there are all kinds of ingrediants that I can't pronounce. I have sensitive skin and since I have been transitioning to a plant based vegan diet my skin has bee a mess. 2 days after receiving this, the rose serum and night-time cellular renewal my skin is back to BETTER THAN NORMAL. 3 weeks later it is glowing! What I LOVE is the simplicity of this product and how quick it is. I am free of make-up, and free from all the time it takes to apply make-up. Top it off with a divine smell, and the feeling of a goddess of the sea. I blissed out and over the moon with the whole thing! Thank You Nadine!

Great product

I'm very happy with this product, for several reasons: * my skin has evened in colour, with my cheeks and nose being far less red than they were * my patches of dry skin have disappeared after over one month's use. It could also be due to warmer weather here in Australia but I wouldn't guarantee it was only that * my oily T-zone has calmed right down. I will be interested to see how I go with a humid Brisbane summer but I'm feeling positive based on current performance * the simplicity of one product for cleansing, moisturising and make-up removal is outstanding. I'm loving one bottle in my bathroom instead of many :-)

Desert Isle Beauty Pick

I’m always curious to hear other people’s desert isle beauty picks. Aside from Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer and Maybelline’s Great Lash mascara, there never seems to be much overlap. I’m throwing an obscure find into the mix, Living Libations’ Seabuckthorn Best Skin Even. It’s designed, and I use it, for just about every beauty need: a few drops on a wash cloth to take off make-up and to wash my face, a few drops post-wash to tone and moisturize, under or over make-up for a little glow, as a perfume, and as a body oil. It’s probably the only scent that I’ve ever worn where people actually stop me on the street and ask what I’m wearing. I have to give fair warning, don’t be put off by the website. It’s is a tad mystically far out groovy for me, and I swing a little that way (no offense to the talented owner Nadine Artemis, ahem), but the product is truly fantastic, as are all of the products that I’ve tried, especially the Rose Glow Serum and Everybody Loves the Sun. A large bottle of the Seabuckthorn lasts me several months. At $45 for 110 ml, it’s a good deal considering you’re getting a cleanser, toner and moisturizer in one product. We’d love to hear about your secret beauty weapons.

Amazing product

Living Libations' Seabuckthorn is a product made with seabuckthorn berry oil and several other highly beneficial essential oils. It's a fabulous choice -- besides all the benefits -- it's natural ingredients and made of high quality ingredients. Seabuckthorn is designed as basically, an all-in-one product, which is very convenient and much appreciated by someone like me who has extremely high maintenance skin. This Seabuckthorn product cleanses wonderfully, exfoliates gently and moisturizes. That's a God-send when you spend 30 minutes on your face each night. Besides that, I've found that this oil works really well for removing my black mascara and eyeliner, which is always a pain since after vigorous scrubbing, it always leaves darkness under and around my eyes. Dabbing a small amount onto a washcloth and rubbing the black areas was enough to clean it away. Seabuckthorn can also be used on the body to bring about a radiance after cleansing. What is Seabuckthorn berry oil? This is actually my first experience with Seabuckthorn products, and I hadn't heard of Seabuckthorn before getting this product from Living Libations, strangely enough. I normally keep pretty up to date on all kinds of neat skincare stuff, but I have to say, the Seabuckthorn is new to me, and a unique product that I'm grateful to have. How to use: Dampen a wash cloth, and apply one to two squirts of Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever to the cloth, and then gently massage the face, neck and other desired areas, rubbing gently or vigorously for less or more exfoliation. Personally, I tend to need a lot of extra exfoliation, but since I only tanned a day ago, I've not gone crazy with exfoliating, but instead have been massaging with a wash cloth a little gently, since the cloth alone will provide enough exfoliation without overdoing it on my newly tanned skin. However, rougher will exfoliate more. You can rinse your skin afterward or leave it on. Since I do want to clean my face, I massage really well and then rinse, but apply a tiny drop over my dry areas like cheeks, tip of nose and leave it on overnight. It can be massaged (a very

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