Better You Magnesium Oil (Joint Spray) 100ml

Better You Magnesium Oil (Joint Spray) 100ml
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BetterYouTM Magnesium Oil Joint Spray is the latest addition to the Magnesium Oil range and contains the addition of glucosamine sulphate together with the cooling and calming effect of menthol and wintergreen oil. Glucosamine suphate is responsible for the production of connective tissue and stimulates cells that encourage the formation of cartilage.

Easy to apply and wonderful to use. 800 sprays in every bottle.

Magnesium is required by the body to aid muscle relaxation and is essential to help the body better absorb calcium.

Magnesium chloride is created when sea water is evaporated. However sources from open water are increasingly exposed to toxins and heavy metals from over 100 years of industrialisation. BetterYou's Zechstein Inside® magnesium is solution mined from one mile underground from a source over 250 million years old. This has protected the magnesium source form the man-made pollutants delivering the most naturally pure source of magnesium known.

Zechstein Inside® magnesium is exclusive to BetterYou and is the only approved pharmaceutical grade magnesium chloride. This is why we are proud to supply respected health institutions and practitioners worldwide.

Magnesium Oil Joint spray is simply the most efficient way of tackling joint and muscle problems. Every spray delivers essential magnesium and glucosamine in their most absorbable form. Magnesium chloride, glusosamine sulphate and wintergreen all have the power to subdue pain, greater than that of ibuprofane!

Easily absorbed it can be applied anywhere on the body and absorbed immediately. You wont believe it until you try it for yourself!

    Magnesium is the most versatile mineral in the body and essential for the absorption of calcium. With a declining magnesium content available from the typical Western diet it is estimated that over 75% of the population are now magnesium deficient.

    With a greater and greater intake of calcium and less and less magnesium in our diet we are prematurely clacifying. This excess calcium is simply not absorbed within our bone and settles with mucle and soft tissue around our joints.

    Muscles and joints: Magnesium is a natural and effective muscle relaxant, helping to reduce tension, tightness and pain related to muscle and joint strain.  In addition, glucosamine sulphate is a naturally ocuring amino sugar, responsible for the production of connective tissue within the body and aids in the formation of cartilage. Wintergreen is a wonderful pain-reliever and has been known as 'liquid aspirin' for that very reason. In fact it is made almost entirely of methyl salicylate, a precursor to common aspirin.

    Calcification: Magnesium is essential to help the body better absorb calcium. Without magnesium calcium is simply not as soluble within the blood and can settle is soft tissue around joints, within muscles and collect around old fractures and stress points, building into calcium spurs.
    • Ingredients:

      A concentrated source of ancient Zechstein seabed mineral salts delivers magnesium directly into the skin tissue, entering the cells immediately. Over 250 million years old and mined one mile below ground, this unique source is the most soluble and pure known, completely protected from man-made pollutants.

      Please not that our glucosamine sulphate is extracted from shellfish so it is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

      Water, Magnesium Chloride (15% concentration). Glucosamine Sulphate, Menthol Oil, Wintergreen Oil. Each spray delivers 10mg of optimally absorbable elemental magnesium. 10 sprays deliver 30% of your RDA. Each bottle contains up to 800 individual sprays (6-8 weeks).

    Spray 5-10 sprays directly to joint or muscle area and massage in. Will fully absorb. Apply to wet or dry skin. Concentrate on muscle areas to aid stretching and warm-up and to avoid post exercise cramping. Can be sprayed anywhere on the body, avoiding eyes. There is no upper limit but start any new health regime gradually.


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