Better You Magnesium Oil (original) 100ml

Better You Magnesium Oil (original) 100ml
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Transdermal magnesium therapy represents the fastest and most absorbable way of supplementing this essential mineral. Magnesium is absorbed directly into the skin tissue, entering the cells immediately, bathing and feeding them. Magnesium Oil efficiently replaces magnesium lost through modern diet and pressured lifestyles, helping to tackle the problem of magnesium deficiency.

BetterYou™ Magnesium Oil uses a super saturated magnesium chloride, solutioned mined in Northern Europe from the ancient Zechstein sea mineral deposits, 250 million years old and one mile below ground. Other sources of magnesium chloride are farmed from open seas and unfortunately contain a growing amount of heavy metals, toxins and pollutants absorbed from over one hundred years of industrialisation.

Zechstein Inside® Magnesium Chloride has remained protected from man-made pollutants and is considered the benchmark for pharmaceutical grade magnesium. This is why we are proud to supply notable health institutions and practitioners worldwide.

Magnesium Oil Original spray is non-greasy and quickly absorbed to give fast acting relief. Each bottle contains up to 800 individual sprays. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans, coeliacs and diabetics.

  • Why we need magnesium

    A recent Gallup pole reported that 72% of Americans were magnesium deficient. With modern Western diets containing only 60% of this essential nutrient it’s easy to see why. “Magnesium is the central and most basic nutrient mineral required for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body. It is responsible for our ability to heal, skin integrity, cardiac health, pain management, calms the nervous system and muscles, promotes sleep improvement and helps to lower blood pressure. A magnesium rich body will encourage a tougher immune system, more easily fighting infections”. Dr Mark Sircus. Ac.,OMD

    BetterYou™ Magnesium Oil provides our bodies with the most absorbable source of natural, elemental magnesium known. Body pains can be eliminated quickly through direct application to the skin and re-mineralisation time is dramatically improved. Transdermal application of magnesium is actually superior to oral supplements. Its salt structure is the most soluble source available allowing the mineral to penetrate directly into the circulation where it can reach the body tissue without loss. The magnesium is absorbed quickly and efficiently with no fear of the body overdosing.

    BetterYou™ Magnesium Oil is sourced one mile beneath the earth from the mineral deposits of the ancient Zechstein Sea in Northern Europe. Naturally filtered over millions of years it represents the purest source of magnesium chloride known.

    A natural muscle relaxant. Eases muscle cramping and spasms and relaxes blood vessels when applied directly. Wonderful for muscle aches and pains, aiding repair and relief after strenuous exercise and also from period pains.

    Calms over excited nerves that can lead to migraines, leg cramps and discomfort from nervous disorders. Joint pain can be dramatically reduced with regular direct application. For healthy teeth and bones. Magnesium is essential for the body to absorb calcium. Without it calcium builds up around our joints, soft tissue, muscles and skin, slowly stiffening and seizing-up our bodies.

    Promotes skin health. Tests have consistently shown magnesium chloride’s exceptional contribution to skin health with the salt cleansing imperfections and the magnesium healing them.

    Effectively reduces inflammation, improves skin barrier function and enhances skin hydration. Aids sleep patterns. A natural relaxant it also helps regulate melatonin, essential for normal, healthy sleep. Dramatically faster and more efficient cellular absorption than oral supplements. This chloride form is the most absorbable form of any of the magnesium sources.

  • The Magnesium/Calcium connection
    Magnesium and calcium are designed to work together. Without adequate magnesium (which is also a natural calcium-channel blocker) too much calcium gets inside the cell, resulting in muscle cramping, blood-vessel constriction, migraine headaches, and even feelings of anxiety. During Paleolithic times, when our bodies formed into the how they are today, the ratio of calcium to magnesium was 1:1. In today’s Western diets it is in excess of 5:1. Magnesium keeps calcium dissolved in the bloodstream. Too little magnesium allows calcium to seep out of bone and into soft tissue, slowly calcifying our bodies. In fact, taking calcium without magnesium for osteoporosis can actually promote kidney stone formation. Calcium excess in the blood will also promote muscle spasms, fibromyalgia and hardening of the arteries.

  • Magnesium deficiency on the rise
    In 1997, the National Academy of Sciences found that over 70% of Americans are deficient in magnesium. There are a number of reasons for this:
    Food processing depletes magnesium, and the vast majority of us eat mostly processed foods. When wheat is refined into white flour, 80 percent of the magnesium in the grain is lost; 98 percent is lost when molasses is refined into sugar. Similarly, magnesium is leached out of vegetables that are boiled, transported over long distances or rest on store shelves for days on end.
    Modern intensive farming practices: Magnesium and other minerals have been depleted from much of the soil that we grow today’s produce in. Similarly fertilizer is often magnesium poor yet calcium rich.
    Medications and Additives: Many drugs – including birth-control pills, asthmatic medicine, cortisone, phosphates from fizzy drinks and sweeteners like aspartame – cause the body to waste magnesium by binding with the magnesium molecules.

    Nature's most absorbable source
    No matter what form of magnesium you ingest, your body will have to convert it to a chloride form before it can be effectively absorbed. BetterYou magnesium Oil already provides magnesium in its chloride form allowing fast and effective body absorption.

Ingredients: Supersaturated concentration of ancient Zechstien seabed mineral deposits. Contains 31% magnesium chloride.

Magnesium chloride is the most absorbable form of magnesium as it is the form the body turns all magnesium into once ingested. BetterYou Magnesium Oil uses a source of magnesium chloride mined only in the North of Holland, over a mile below the ground and over 250 million years old. Unlike salt sources from open seas this source is completely uncontaminated by toxins from modern industrialization and man-made pollutants. Drained and replenished three times during its life, this ancient sea has some of the purest sources of magnesium chloride deposits known. When mineral sources are quoted as being rich it is often used to indicate the presence of a variety of other minerals in significant quantities.

BetterYou Magnesium Oil uses only the purest source of magnesium chloride, with only a trace presence of other minerals. Only BetterYou are allowed to use this Zechstien source of magnesium chloride. The process of mining this precious mineral utilizes unobtrusive drilling pipes which dissolve the seam in spring water and then pump it to the surface. A chemical ‘fingerprint’ is then taken to ensure a consistency of purity and a certificate of pharmaceutical quality is granted for every approved batch. Only through this process can BetterYou provide its Magnesium Oil spray.

  • Re-mineralisation and health maintenance: Apply 5, increasing to 10 sprays morning and night. Apply directly to the skin ideally after a shower and gently massage in. Can be left to dry naturally. Will not stain. Always start slowly and build up dosage. Ideally add to your daily bathroom routine and apply on clean skin, ideally after showering. Dosages can be safely increased. 20 daily sprays is equivalent to 360mg* of pure, natural and absorbable elemental magnesium. (*120% RDA).

    For muscular and joint pains: Apply to problem area, ensuring skin is thoroughly saturated. Gently massage in and keep area warm. Repeat regularly. Relief should start to be felt almost immediately, with more severe pain types taking longer. Ideal for aching joints and muscles and for muscle cramping and spasms. Apply after showering.

    Application Suggestions: Applying BetterYou™ Magnesium Oil after a shower is an addictive pleasure that is both stimulating and beneficial. Applying directly to the skin is the most efficient way for the body to be supplied this essential mineral. Some people however will find that initial applications ‘tingle’. The salt structure of the mineral seeks out any imperfections in the skin tissue and immediately cleans, purifies and heals them. This process is fast and can cause irritation for some skin conditions but passes as the skin is healed.

    Can be sprayed directly onto gum area to enhance oral hygiene and help strengthen teeth and reduce gum disease. Can also be added to mouthwash.

    If you suffer from sensitive or broken skin apply directly onto wet skin initially to reduce tingling. Alternatively decant half the contents of the bottle and dilute the remaining spray with water (bottled preferably). If you wish, try adding 20ml of carrier oil to the spray. This acts as a buffer and is wonderful for self or partner massage.

    Re-mineralisation should be seen as a long-term process so experiment and find what’s right for you, then increase the concentration, as you feel comfortable.

  • Ron Callaghan – IT Consultant.
    “For a number of years I’ve been suffering severe joint pain in my fingers, knees, and elbows and was told it was the result of a build-up of calcium. I have also suffered from eczema to my lower legs since I can remember but this spread to my upper arms as I got older. I began using Magnesium Oil about 2-3 months ago. I am now virtually eczema free. I can definitely say that it has helped my eczema condition beyond all expectations and the pain I was suffering in my joints has also improved.”

  • Rachel Temple – Parkside Health, Kent
    “I saw the client that first introduced me to Magnesium Oil yesterday.   She has pretty serious health issues, but finds the oil is the one thing that stops her pain.   I believe that one of the benefits is that the magnesium is in the chloride form, which is a very simple ion compared to the chelates used orally.   I think this is what helps drag the magnesium into the cells so effectively.”

  • Nicole Arumugam – November 2008
    “I have recently bought two magnesium oil sprays, one for my mother who has "restless" legs and one for my 6 year old son who had developed quite a bad head twitch and is a bed wetter. It’s coming up to two weeks now and the improvement has been amazing. The head twitching nearly stopped over night and the bed wetting has really improved, my mother has also reported great relief. So thank you, thank you.”

  • Victoria Health – September 2008 Newsletter
    “Because we are mostly magnesium deficient, Shabir is recommending that everybody in the world should be spraying themselves with Magnesium Oil and he hasn’t stopped talking about its merits for at least six weeks……. It really is fabulous stuff and it represents the biochemistry for youth, so get spraying.”

  • This is not an enquiry - just a 'thank you'! For over 40 years I have suffered from severe and recurring headaches. Since starting to use your magnesium spray about 4 months ago, I haven't had any, and if I ever find that one is threatening, I simply apply the spray and it never comes to anything. This has wonderfully transformed my life. I'll be ordering more in a few weeks.

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