Heather Honey 500g (Raw, Organic) From The Hives of Alvaro

Heather Honey 500g (Raw, Organic) From The Hives of Alvaro
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(Not recommmended for children under the age of 1, or those with any candida or cancer concerns)

Finally, you can experience the delight of one of natures finest gifts in a raw and organic form. This honey is remarkably different from the processed honey you’ll find on the supermarket shelves. It comes from Northern Spain from the same hives and bee keepers that brought you the royal jelly that you may already be familiar with. All the royal jelly and bee pollen we provide is certified organic.

Available in 1 kilo jars for £14.50 you can now purchase enzyme rich, mineral rich honey which will work as the perfect sweetener/binder for any superfood smoothie from a natural unpolluted environment. Forget industrially processed honey and opt for this magical substance.

To preserve the unique flavour and health giving properties of his natural, unadulterated honey, Uncle Ramon simply spins it with a centrifuge from the honeycomb and then strains it into containers. This delicious raw honey therefore contains the enzymes and pollens that are lacking in commercial honey, making it a truly remarkable superfood.

• Not pasteurised (which degrades the enzymes, minerals and vitamins).
• Not ultra filtered - which removes the pollen and its benefits.
• Not a blend of different honeys from different countries (which almost all
supermarket honey is, even when it is organic).
• The bees aren’t given antibiotics.
• The bees are fed honey not sugar (many beekeepers feed their bees sugar in
the winter).

What are the health benefits of honey?
Honey has been renowned through the ages for its health benefits.

There are six main health benefits.

1. Honey is antibacterial and antiseptic: All raw honey contains a mild
solution of hydrogen peroxide, which is released when it comes into
contact with moisture. This is antibacterial and fungicidal. Honey is also
gyroscopic, which means that it naturally attracts moisture. Most bacteria
breed in moist conditions and honey dries out wounds, preventing wounds
becoming infected.

2. Honey as a sweetener doesn’t give the energy spike that refined cause the blood sugar to shoot up, but allows a much healthier gradual increase in blood sugar levels. However we suggest you use it mindfully and in small quantities. A teaspoon in a superfood smoothie will be enough and makes all the difference.

3. Dark honeys are high in antioxidants. Antioxidant compounds can help your cells fight off free radicals one of the causes of a host of degenerative diseases. Unique to honey is pinocembrin, an antioxidant associated with improved brain functioning.

4. Honey can help you digest food better. Honey contains natural enzymes that assist the digestive process.

5. Honey is said to aid sleeping. The theory is that a spoonful of honey before sleep provides the body with enough glucose to ‘feed’ the brain during the night. This prevents or limits the early morning release of cortisol and adrenalin (stress hormones) which disturb sleep. It also stabilises blood sugar levels and contributes to the release of melatonin, the hormone required for recovery and rebuilding of body tissues during rest. (According to a recent study in Hershey, Penn, USA.)

6. Honey is good for your skin. Because it attracts moisture honey helps to nourish the skin – that is why it is often used in skin care products. Also, honey’s antioxidants compounds help to fight free radicals, which can damage skin. Some people find honey is very effective for conditions such as sunburn, acne and eczema.

The benefits of different kinds of honey

  • Heather and Chestnut are high in antioxidants. These honeys have a strong flavour.
  • Chestnut is said to be very high in minerals.
  • Eucalyptol is the main therapeutic ingredient of Eucalyptus honey, which has antibacterial and antifungal qualities. Eucalyptus is reputed to be good for the respiratory system.
  • Lavender honey is said to aid relaxation and sleep.

 Some questions and answers about raw honey

1.      Question: What is raw honey?

Answer: Raw honey is honey that hasn’t been pasteurised and put through a very fine filter. Most supermarket honey has been pasteurised. This destroys the natural properties of the honey and health benefits. Putting it though a fine filter takes the pollen out, pollen is good for you.

2. Question: The honey that I bought has crystallised. Does this mean that sugar has been added to it?

Answer: The honey that we sell is raw and it does sometimes set. A set granular consistency is actually a sign that honey hasn’t been pasteurised. Unpasteurised honey naturally sets in colder European countries, like the UK. In hot equatorial countries the air temperature keeps the honey liquid.

3. Question: When honey has names like Lavender or Rosemary does this mean that these herbs have been added to the honey?

Answer: The honey has these names because the bees have fed predominantly on flowers from these herbs. This gives the honey properties specific to the plant that the bees have fed on.

4. Question: How should I store my honey?

Answer: The best way to store honey is in the dark (light damages some of the natural compounds in the honey) always with the lid on. Because honey attracts water it will start to ferment if the lid is left off. It’s best not to keep honey in the fridge as this will make it very hard and difficult to get out of the jar.

Also investigate:

  • Bee pollen contains all the essential amino acids, which make it a complete protein and is extraordinarily rich in most of the B vitamins, including folic acid (folate).
  • Royal jelly, which is the sole food of the Queen Bee, has been reported to have cholesterol-lowering, anti-inflammatory, woundhealing, and antibiotic effects. It has also been reported to stimulate the growth of glial cells and neural stem cells in the brain.
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