4spectrum Vitamin E complex 3.5oz

4spectrum Vitamin E complex 3.5oz
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This is a similar formula to our standard size bottle capsules, only without the encapsulation, and qualifies as "organic" under 7 CFR 205.605.

4Spectrum™ Vitamin E is 100% unesterified Natural Vitamin E Complex. Each gram of liquid typically contains approximately 280mg of d-alpha-tocopherol (supporting your body's natural circulation systems against internal clotting), plus approximately 562mg of d-gamma-tocopherol (supporting your body's natural antioxidant systems against harmful free radicals). Also typically contains 178mg d-beta and d-delta-tocopherols, making this a complete natural Vitamin E complex.

Processing is minimal, by cold extraction technology to preserve all four fractions (tocopherols) as they naturally occur. The liquid contains 90 to 95% Natural Unesterified Vitamin E Complex (typically 950mg tocopherols). Our Vitamin E has no fillers added, no binders, no artificial colors or flavors.

Our Vitamin E tests GMO free, meaning it has no Genetic Modified materials. A growing body of knowledge is showing that food containing Genetically Modified materials may be dangerous to your health.

What should I know about Vitamin E?

Vitamin E is a substance which occurs naturally in foods such as nuts and seeds, whole grains, vegetable oils and dark-green leafy vegetables. One of the richest dietary sources of Vitamin E the germ of the wheat. In times past, Vitamin E was a part of everyone's diet. Unfortunately, with the advent of white flour around 1900, Vitamin E and many other vital nutrients were removed from the wheat during processing. Thus Vitamin E was largely removed from the American diet.

Natural Vitamin E is used by many alternative physicians.

Dr. Evan Shute, together with his brother Wilfrid, treated over 55,000 patients using Vitamin E. Based on his vast practical knowledge of it's applications, Dr. Evan Shute stated in a famous speech that "Vitamin E seems to be a natural antithrombin in the human bloodstream", and that it seems to be "a substance normally circulating in the blood of all men which prevents clots occurring inside the vessel. It is the only substance preventing the clotting of blood which is not dangerous." The second important effect of the use of Vitamin E is oxygen conservation. It is a natural antioxidant in the body.

Health advocate Kevin Trudeau sums up the vital role Vitamin E plays in the body by saying, "The fact is all-natural Vitamin E is a spectacularly effective food supplement. It increases circulation and increases oxygen throughout the body"; Vitamin E is incredible for increasing circulation, improving memory, concentration, as well as helping healing throughout the body." (Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About, Kevin Trudeau, p. 408-409)

Why shouldn't I use synthetic Vitamin E?

When speaking of the difference between genuine Vitamin E, d-alpha tocopherol, and synthetic dl-alpha tocopheryl, Dr. Robert Acuff (PhD) reported "not only is there a chemical difference in the structure of the molecules, but research shows a significant difference in how people assimilate and retain natural and synthetic E" (Vitamin Retailer Jan 99 p. 20) Synthetic Vitamin E is made from petroleum, the same source as motor oil. Many reports warn that this form of Vitamin E may actually be harmful to the body.

What are Mixed Tocopherols?
Like many other vitamins, E is subdivided into several distinct parts, known by the letters of the Greek alphabet, called tocopherols. The best-known of these is alpha tocopherol, which many authorities, including the Dr. Shute brothers, believe have powerful positive effect in supporting circulation. But d-alpha tocopherol is only a part of Vitamin E as it is found in nature. Medical doctors who have treated hundreds of patients over many years found that all four fractions (alpha, beta, delta and gamma) work together synergistically to produce a total biologic effect greater than any single fraction alone.”

What about esterified Vitamin E?
Esterified Vitamin E has been passed through acid, resulting in a chemical with a very stable shelf-life because it does not oxidize. This destroys some if no all of the benefits of taking Vitamin E.

How can some Vitamin E brands be so low-priced?
Most brands use either esterified or synthetic Vitamin E, which are considerably less expensive - and less effective - than pure, natural unesterified Vitamin E complex. Also, most brands "cut" their product with cheap soybean oil. You can buy a large bottle for the same money and think you've found the best deal, when in most cases you are buying a product containing 30-55% soybean oil, which increases the size and weight of the bottle, but reduces the quality. 4Spectrum™ E contains over 90% tocopherols, the highest concentration of tocopherols makng it the most potent product in the industry.

No added soy oil or other oil fillers which can turn rancid and cause harm to health. No added preservatives, colors or flavorings.

*These products test free of Genetic Modified material.


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